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Warranty Conditions

Mudandsnow.com will only supply original products covered by Official Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Each product sold by MudandSnow.com is covered by the Official Manufacturer’s Warranty according to the Italian Law.

Starting from the delivery date, the purchaser has a 24 months Warranty if the product was bought for private use, 12 months warranty for professional use (purchased with VAT).

The consumer, once the manufacturing defect has been discovered, has 2 month to inform MudandSnow.com. All procedures will be carried out in order to safeguard the consumer’s right to obtain a repaired or new product as soon as possible. The warranty will not cover any damages due to the misuse of the products. The same applies to eventual damages caused to third parties or their property by the products.

Conformity Assurance.

“Lack of conformity” is referred to a damage verifiable on the receipt of the product and that can be seen before the usage of the product.

MudandSnow.com offers direct warranty against “lack of conformity”, ensuring that the product will immediately be replaced.

In all other cases, the Manufacturer’s Warranty shall apply.

Lack of conformity examples:

- The product received has been damaged during the shipping;

- The brand new product received shows an evident damage;

- The product fails to comply with the description given.

Discovery of a defect and Return Procedure.

The purchaser shall inform the manufacturer or MudandSnow.com about the problem and/or defect within 60 days from the discovery. The purchaser shall request to return the product using the specific online procedure.

MudandSnow.com will approve the return of the product (shipping costs to be paid by the purchaser) and will submit the product to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will provide technical expertise and decide as the case may be.

In all cases, the manufacturer technical response will apply..

For further information on the return procedure please consult the Return Policy.

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